About Us

Church History  1928-2020

Our local church began in the fall of 1928 on Booth Street, in Dallas, County Texas, at the home of Sister Mable V. Ector. Sister Mable V. Ector is a pioneer and charter member who is credited with naming our church, Hopewell  "hoping it well." Other charter members/pioneers are Deacons: Black, Dave Clark, George Ford, Jessie Jones, and S.E. Vickers: Sisters: Othella Burns Drawhorn and Cleo Jones. The following pastors have served here at Hopewell:

Pastors 1928 through 1939
Rev. C.L. Lewis, Rev. W.L. Johnson, Rev. I.H. Lyons,
Rev. J.W. Beatty Rev. Alexander
A. McKnight Jr. 1939 through 1961
Rev. Tommy Earl Brown Sr. 1961-2001
Rev. Michael Ray Hubbard Sr.  2001-Present


The church note was resolved (4826 Dolphin Road) and the present facility and acreage, located at 5144 Dolphin Road, were both purchased on February 20, 1972. During the mid-eighties, the building was remodeled and in 1992, our library was named in honor and memory of our beloved, the late Sister Faustyne Gipson, who was a special Hopewellite. In the spring of 1997, a new van was purchased. In 1998, praise be to the Almighty God, our church note was resolved! Throughout the years, remodeling began in several areas of the church. Some are completed, and others are still in progress. God continues to bless Hopewell with the following ministries: Transportation Ministry, Support Group, In-House Institute, and Traveling Institute, where God's Word has been taught to many and continues to go forth. Our Jail & Prison Ministry is faithful in evangelizing and discipline those in confined areas through praise and worship service as well as preaching and teaching of God's Word, from Dallas County Lew Sterrett Justice Center to Anderson County's Tennessee Colony, Texas Department of Correction, (Beto, Coffield, Michael) units. On August 6, 1998, Hopewell was granted a charter. "Trinity Outreach Jail & Prison Ministry, Inc., our motto is "It's Worth the Trip".


Our Women's Ministry has become an instrumental part in the Prison Mentoring Program at the Gatesville Unit. This committed group of saints' commutes to Gatesville each 2nd. Saturday. In the summer of 2000, Hopewell purchased a 42-passenger bus for our youth. "Hopewell Youth for Christ". The word of God has continued to be dispersed to believers and unbelievers. To God Be the Glory, for all the great things He has done. On February 27, 2001, The Lord called His servant, Rev Tommy Earl Brown Sr. home. Our beloved Pastor Brown gave 49 years of impeccable service to God and his flock. His legacy lives on. His training and teachings are evident in the many ministers he mentored, and some have become pastors themselves. Pastor Brown was a teaching preacher and allowed time for his flock to be trained to do the work of the Lord decently and in order. August 19, 2001, the Lord placed a new shepherd here, Rev. Michael R. Hubbard Sr. In which Pastor Hubbard, walks in the footsteps of Pastor Brown. Pastor Hubbard also has the vision of the wellbeing of Hopewell. Pastor Hubbard envisions Hopewell as being a beacon for the neighborhood. This is evident by the success of the Second Annual Neighborhood fellowship which was held, the second Saturday, in October of 2002.


The Mark Edwin David Brown Scholarship Fund has assisted many of our college students, amounts totaling $6000.00 plus. We believe it is important to invest in their future. The Hopewell Marjorie Durham Steppers for Christ Drill Team competed for the first time at the National Baptist Sunday School & B.T.U. Congress in Nashville, TN. New ministries were added to Hopewell: Single's Ministry, Marriage Ministry, Senior's Ministry, and the Tuesday noon day Bible study. For our fund drive for the Hopewell Development Achievement Center (HDAC), we had two main capitol events, a     banquet /silent auction and an ice cream social. HDAC was our focus, and together it is a mission possible. On September 17, 2005, the Fellowship of Churches hosted their first Fashion Share held at Hopewell. In early 2007, we organized a foundation which was deemed "The Well of Hope" for the purpose of reaching out to the community in a variety of services. Also through the Well of Hope, we reorganized our Children and Youth Department, Seniors Ministry, and the Mime Ministry. We also have "The Basket of Hope" which will provide food and clothing to the needy.


The Senior Citizens Ministry is very active and took their first road trip to South Padre Island. All had much fun. Within our growth, Hopewell have implemented new enhancements to our existing ministries, such as a monthly newsletter which is given to members, each first Sunday, as well as, mailed out to the sick and shut-in. We were also blessed with a webmaster that could redesign our website. In February of 2008, The Elite News elected our own, Pastor Hubbard as Minister of the Year and later that year Pastor Hubbard was inducted into their Religious Hall of Fame. June 2009, Our Children & Youth Department participated and won 2-3 yr old Junior Superior Award competitions at the National Baptist Congress. April 2011, State Representative Eric Johnson invited Pastor Hubbard to reside as Pastor of the day at the Texas State House of Representatives, where he delivered the invocation prayer for the meeting. In June 2011, The Marjorie Durham Steppers for Christ Drill Team were the 1st. Place winners of the Intermediate Elite Award 4-7 competition at the National Baptist Congress. The Mark Edwin David Brown Scholarship Fund awarded 6 students scholarships this year. Hopewell Development and Achievement Center (HDAC) is up and running 20 students strong.


God blessed Hopewell with a new roof as well as a water tower cooling unit. In 2012, Hopewell remodeled the choir  gallery and completed additions and changes to the media equipment. The iHope Ministry was formed for all our young adults ages 18-35. This ministry would bring a social environment for our young adults who are wanting and thriving to be examples of Christ. The Mark Edwin David Brown Scholarship Fund awarded 5 additional students this year. In 2013, a Defibrillator AED was added to our Nurses Guild Ministry and in addition to this, the pulpit was extended, and the front foyer was renovated. The Women Ministry traveled to Conroe, Texas for a Women Retreat with the Southern Baptist Convention of Texas. The Mark Brown Scholarship Fund awarded 6 students this year. On September 1, 2013, Hopewell began streaming its morning worship services live via internet. On December 13, 2013, Pastor Hubbard  graduated from Southwestern Theological Seminary with a Masters of Divinity Degree and is now in pursuit of his Doctorate.


In 2014, iHope Ministry celebrated their first Annual Day. March 17, 2014, our church was blessed with a very elegant podium in our sanctuary. March 29, 2014, Forney Avenue Baptist Church celebrated their 90th. Church Anniversary  Reunion, here at Hopewell, in Tommy E. Brown Fellowship Hall. April 9th, our new church marquee was installed on the front of the church. Also, this year, HMBC33 was established for the young men ministry ages 12-17. June 2014, again, the Marjorie Durham Steppers for Christ Drill Team were winners of the Intermediate Elite Award 4-7 competition at the National Baptist Congress. Hopewell Development & Achievement Center Summer Program enrolled 35 students. The Senior Saints Ministry, in 2015,received a handicapped accessible van. The Marjorie Durham Steppers for Christ Drill Team in June of 2015, once again brought home The Superior Elite Award from the National Baptist Congress session in Atlanta, GA. January 2016, the sidewalks in the front of the church were widened and the handicap ramp was redone. Northside church parking lot was stripped & asphalt added in 2016, in addition to the church's Southside being improved as well. Wings of a Dove Jail Ministry was established April 2016, to minister locally to inmates. August 2016, a new projector, and screen was installed at the back of the church over the balcony. We have journeyed and have been blessed thus far to celebrate 89 years of service to God, and The Lord is continually blessing Hopewell and adding to our church.  As of September 17, 2017, Hopewell has donated $50,000 to the Mark Brown Scholarship Fund.


In 2018, there were six graduates from college. The senior ministry trip was in Oklahoma. We celebrated ninety years which was a milestone. In 2019, four Mark Brown Scholarship recipients graduated from college. Pastor Hubbard became the co-chairperson of the Foreign Mission Board, for the National Missionary Baptist Convention of America. HDAC received a Three-Star rating from the Texas Rising Star Organization. This is the highest rated Center in our area. We are working to become a Four-Star center which is the highest rating. The senior's ministry has planned a trip to in Hot Springs, AR, later this month.    


Here in 2020, through trials of a World Pandemic COVID– 19, God still blessed us to team with Mayor Eric Johnson of Dallas, to give back to others within the community, through the Milk Imitative Program. We were blessed to also renovate the administrative office and the church foyer, as well as resurface the parking lot To God be the Glory!!!